As a part of carrying out its mission, the WBFF sponsors a World Bonsai Convention every four years, with the member regions taking turns in hosting these conventions. Previous conventions were held in
the United States
South Korea
Puerto Rico
the United States
The Peoples Republic of China Jintan 2013
Saitama City Japan in 2017
Perth Australia 2021

    1. Africa - African Bonsai Association (ABA)
    2. Australia/New Zealand - Association of Australian Bonsai Clubs
    3. China (including Taiwan)
    4. Europe - European Bonsai Association
    5. South Asia - Bonsai Frienship Federation of India
    6. Japan - Nippon Bonsai
    7. Asia-Pacific (excluding China, India and Japan) - Asia Pacific Bonsai Friendship Federation
    8. Latin America (including Mexico and the Caribbean) - Federation of Latin America Bonsai
    9. North America (Canada/U.S.A) - North American Bonsai Federation
African Bonsai Association
World Bonsai Convention
World Bonsai Photographic Competition
“to promote and diffuse throughout the world bonsai, a living art that can be appreciated by all peoples … actively exchange knowledge, technology information, etc., related to the art of bonsai among countries of the world, thus advancing international friendship and goodwill.” Saburo Kato.
WBFF is an international non-profit organization that was organized in Japan in 1989. Its mission is to promote bonsai throughout the world as a living art that can be appreciated by people everywhere.
African Bonsai Association - WBFF.
World Bonsai Friendship Federation
South African Bonsai Association
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