5th African Bonsai Convention  (ABC5)

African Bonsai Convention 5, (ABC5) will be held by South African Bonsai Association (SABA) and hosted by the Bonsai Regional Association of the Transvaal (BRAT).

The venue is Safari Garden Centre

Lynnewood Road
Pretoria East,
South Africa.
24-27 October 2019
Organising Clubs are

Pretoria Bonsai Kai
Bonsai Addicts
Midway Bonsai Society
Eastern Bonsai Society
East Rand Bonsai Kai
Far West Bonsai Kai
Suikerbos Bonsai Kai
Shibui Bonsai Kai
Kiriklappers Bonsai Kai
Moyogi Bonsai Kai Witbank
Vaal Bonsai Kai
Nelspruit Bonsai Kai

Raphael Torres is from Mallorca Spain. His Passion is Olives

Mauro Stemberger Italy

Mauro Started Bonsai in 1992
Mauro has appeared at these events: Noelanders Trophy, Certrè, bonsaiautumn, UBI Convention, Gingko Award, Franchi Bonsai Competition, Shooman Bonsai Competition and more
He has Done demonstrations and workshops in Mexico, USA, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Italy, Croatia, England, Austria, France, Portugal, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Poland
Robert started at the World Famous Rosade Bonsai Studios at the age of 16.
⦁He trained in Japan for 4 yrs.
⦁His specialty is the Art of Bonsai Display.
⦁In 1993 became curator of Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.
⦁He specializes in lectures, consulting and workshops.
⦁He speaks Japanese
African Bonsai Association
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