African Bonsai Association
African Bonsai Association is a Regional Body of World Bonsai Friendship Federation(WBFF).

In the mid 1980 South Africa was approached to form the African Region under the World Bonsai Friendship Federation (WBFF). The WBFF's goal is to promote and actively exchange, Bonsai creativity, technology and information and the promoting of international friendship and goodwill.

In April 1987 the first steering committee from various countries around the world, convened in Osaka Japan to consider the establishment of a “World Bonsai Friendship Federation” abbreviated to WBFF.

On 6 April, 1989, the inaugural meeting of the WBFF was held in Oyama Japan with 32 Countries from around the world participating.

In 1991 the African Bonsai Association (ABA) was formalised and merged the South African Bonsai Association (SABA) to serve as an umbrella organisation for all bonsai organisations in Africa and as the representational member region of Africa to the World Bonsai Friendship Federation.

In 2002 ABA split from SABA, where the focused of SABA was only on bonsai in South Africa, and ABA remained focused on the whole African continent.
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